Unity Council SSUC (Spanish Speaking Unity Council of Alameda County)

Financials Always interesting.

Councilman Gallo Former Executive Director of SSUC.******


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L&M Developer Out **

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Financial Public Sites Analysis. WHY SHOULD WE CARE? SSUC receives north of $23,000,000.00 in Federal funding Yearly. $200,000,000.00 Pig project funding on Horizon.

2013FY used $5,000,000.00 NeighborWorks America Funding. 250 Families, $20,000.00 Down Payment assistance.

2014FY  admitted Misused $557,000.00 Neighborworks America Money for above

2014FY DID Not meet HS/EHS Contract Guarantee

2015FY admitted misuse of $3,050,000.00, partially to pay back.

2016FY Request to City of Oakland for $2,400,000 COLA

Casitas of Hayward

The FDC & PSC are sub corporations of the SSUC, Show profit every 3rd, float the profits(depreciation) across the sub companies, so that the front company SSUC, appears minimal and poor; All the way to $175,000,000.00 in estimated value. The SSUC does not need the huge amount Oakland's social services monies granted, (there are others more needy being squeezed out), with The huge wasted development fees that the SSUC are handed(35% of total development). These are not loss in profits but assets. Curious listings as interdepartment. eliminations--> asset transfers / losses(untraceable, non-documented), of the Unity Council. As in getting to the $175,000,000.00 value, It is not the Council losing, just the people these funds are truly for. Where are the Latest returns. This is a NON Profit that cannot seem to get their paperwork together.